Пятая международная конференция«Аграрные инвестиции - МТР 2012»
September 07, 2016, ​HILTON KYIV, Ukraine
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III International Conference


“Black Sea Oil Trade-2015: Looking for Bullish Trends”



Today Ukrainian oilseed market experiences new trends, resulted from the rapid expansion of crushing capacities. Crushers review development strategies in order to increase margins and invest in the inputs to improve production efficiency.

In recent years Ukrainian oilseed sector was featured by rising demand for soy products and thus growing interest to soy cultivation.

To be more effective, oilseed processors should consider using deep processing technologies for  production of by-products – lecithin, phosphatide concentrate, and for soybean processors – isolates, texturates, etc.


Goal of the conference: Discussion of new strategies to improve efficiency of Oil&Fat industry

Leading international experts will present their insight on the following topical issues:


  •  Global tendencies in the oilseed market. Veg oil production and trade
  •  Price trends in the new 2015/16 season. In search of bullish factors
  •  Where to find margins in a falling market?
  •  Recent trends in global consumption. Where to look for new demand?
  •  Are there any prospects for the biofuel market?
  •  Export duties: to benefit or harm?
  •  Deep processing of oilseeds as one of the strategic priorities of Ukrainian Oil&Fat Industry
  •  Can Ukraine shift from raw materials exports to export of products with high added value in terms of falling economy (inflation, devaluation)?
  •  Distinctions of export of oilseeds and by-products to South-East Asia


In 2015 International Conference «Black Sea Oil Trade» attracted  220 delegates from 23 countries and 150 companies. Among participants were producers and processors of oilseeds, traders, enterprises for deep processing of vegetable oils, investment companies, banks, consulting, shipping, brokerage, insurance and survey companies.