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September 07, 2016, ​HILTON KYIV, Ukraine

Ton Huls, Allseeds Ukraine

Ton Huls is CFO of Allseeds SA, a company created in 2010 as management buy-out of the international activities of Allseeds Group Plc, after Allseeds Group Plc was acquired by Kernel Group. Allseeds SA is among the biggest independent exporters and traders of sunflower oil from Black Sea origin. The company recently completed construction of a new vegetable oil transshipment terminal in port Yuzhniy and is now in process of construction of a multi-seed crushing plant adjacent to the terminal.

Ton Huls came to Ukraine in 2004 as Commercial director and Board Member for ING Bank Ukraine, where he was responsible for all commercial lending activities of ING Bank in Ukraine. In 2007 he joined Allseeds Group Plc as CFO, where he participated in the negotiations with Kernel regarding sale of the business and he was one of the managers who founded Allseeds SA in 2010 as MBO.

Prior to coming to Ukraine, Ton Huls was 6 years working as director at ING Bank, Amsterdam where he was responsible for agricultural and oil&gas transactions in the Structured Commodity Finance Department.

Ton holds a master’s degree in Business Science from the University of Groningen, Netherlands.