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Black Sea Оil Trade-2013:

New Markets. New Strategies


September 18, 2013, Hyatt Regency, Kiev, Ukraine.

The Conference is supported by "UkrOilProm" Association



The share of the Black Sea countries trade in oilseeds and vegoils is growing year by year. At the moment, Ukraine and Russia take the 1st and 2nd place in the world by sunflower oil trade (altogether - more than 70% of the global total). Ukraine is the 3rd largest world exporter of canola and a major supplier of rapeseed in the EU. The share of Kazakhstan and Russia in the global trade of oilseed flax reaches 60%, while Romania and Bulgaria are key global sunflower exporters.

The leading role of Black Sea countries in trade and growing demand for sunflower oil and oil crops are also based on region’s efficient logistics. This factor was highly appreciated by the main buyers of oilseed products from the Black Sea region (China, India, Egypt, Turkey).

Except top positions in sunflower/oil sector, Black Sea region’s soybean crops also started to grow rapidly. Substitution of soymeal imports takes place in many countries, while next in the line will be rise in exports.

Progressive development of oil&fat industry of Ukraine meets major challenges too. The most significant problem is the deficit of raw materials while investments in the crushing capacities keep raising. Urgency of the problem suggests a need to review development strategies of Ukraine’s entire oil&fat sector.

Growing role of the region and rising demand for high-quality information and analysis determine significance and importance of the Conference “Black Sea Oil Trade: New Markets. New strategies”, which is entirely devoted to oilseed markets.

Issues to Discuss:

  • Global market of oilseeds and vegoils – 2000-2013. Forecast for 2014-2015.
  • Prices, main operators, vegoil stocks, demand estimates.
  • Deficit of oilseeds for crushing and prospects of reformatting Ukrainian Oil&Fat sector.
  • Strategy of territorial distribution of oil extracting plants and port terminals.
  • Development model of Oil&Fat industry in Ukraine and Russia, 1995-2012. Farmers’ and crushers’ margins, 1995-2013. Search for a new development model. Deep processing of vegoils – increasing profits of crushing plants.
  • Key regional oilseed and vegoil markets  - EU, South America, Black Sea Region, North Africa, India, China and others. Romania, Bulgaria – important players of Black Sea market.
  • Palm oil market and its main tendencies. Outlook for palm oil products consumption in Black Sea countries.
  • Soybeans: farmers’ and industry’s margins, premium for different quality. Perspectives of soybean market for Black Sea Region.